Depression issues have been with my family since I was a teenager. My father suffered a deep depression when I was 16 years old, something he still struggles with today. I know depression hurts more than just the person suffering from it.

But I’ve suffered on and off from depression for at least the last decade at least. I’ve been on medication, I’ve been off of it and I’ve been back on it. Even on medication, I have days where I feel like I’m drowning with no life raft in sight.

I’ve lived most of my life in silence most of my life about my depression, but I feel now is the time to speak out about it. I want to raise the level of understanding about mental health in our country. More than one quarter of Americans are treated for mental health each year, so we’re not alone. But there still is a lack of understanding of the issues and how many people who suffer are “normal.”

I also want to share your stories in addition to my own, but I’m always here to talk. We all need someone who just wants to listen. Send me an e-mail at jenconnic@gmail.com.

About Jen Connic

Jen Connic is a veteran journalist who has worked in a variety of capacities through her career. She’s worked as a reporter, editor and web producer for more than a decade in Connecticut and New Jersey. Read her personal blog Behind the Press to learn more about her. E-mail her at jenconnic (at) gmail.com.



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