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Need a pick me up? Watch this video

I’ve been feeling a bit down today for a variety of reasons, which has been a little bit of a trend lately. And then I was reminded of this video. I wrote about the video on my other blog a year ago about the two Quinnipiac University students and their work on creating their message … Continue reading

Thankful for the people who support me

Normally I write a post on one of my other posts about what I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving. It’s your generic “I’m thankful I have a home, family, friends” type of post. And I’m certainly thankful for those things, especially a home with heat following Hurricane Sandy here in New Jersey. But I got to … Continue reading

Why I write and talk about my depression issues

Every time I write something about my depression issues on this blog — like last night — I end up getting questions from people. All those questions can be boiled down to one topic — Why am I so open about my issues? The answer can be boiled down to one sentence: I don’t want … Continue reading

Falling back down the hole

For months I was struggling to pull myself out a hole, feeling good with the progress I was making on my climb. But just when I felt I had gotten out of the hole and could stand on solid ground, I fell back down into the hole. I had worked for many months on things … Continue reading

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