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Words I hate hearing: “Relax”

There are a few things that can get my anxiety pumping. But nothing gets me worried more than really bad weather. Hurricane Sandy is headed in my direction, and I live not far from the Passaic River here in New Jersey. I am apprehensive about flooding, needing to leave when I have no place to … Continue reading

When the light goes away

It’s been almost a year since I started treatment (again) for depression. I have felt great for months, felt like I was taking giant steps forward to make my life better. Then the last week or so things started feeling different, more depressed again. Part of it, I think, is that I haven’t felt quite … Continue reading

Giving people the benefit of the doubt

For the longest time I hid my depression and the demons I battle every day. There were lots of reasons why I did, especially not wanting to face people’s judgment, biases and perceptions about mental health disorders. Could it cost me a job? Because I hate to say that has indeed happened to me. Could … Continue reading

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