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The need to delete people from your life

I’ve always been one to only have a few close friends around me. I’d rather have a few very trusted friends than a large group of people who I don’t feel so close to. I’ve said in my life there have been times when I’m in a room full of people and feel completely alone. … Continue reading

This blog is supposed to be about a book project too

When I started this blog it was after I revealed on my personal blog about my depression problems. One of the biggest reasons, though, was the book project I am planning. But I feel like I’m still planning. And planning. And planning some more. I figure the first step is write the chapter about my … Continue reading

My psychiatrist may be as crazy as me, and that isn’t a good thing

I had a weird dream last night. In it I had the flu bad enough I went to the doctor, which was my psychiatrist for some reason and not my regular doctor. Her prescription for me to get rid of the flu was chemotherapy. What? That’s exactly what my dream self said to my doctor … Continue reading

Have we lost our capability to cope? What exactly is coping?

I saw my psychiatrist last week for my monthly check-in about my medication, and we had a little bit of an argument. I told her how I was having a bad week because of an ongoing issue in my life. This issue isn’t something that happens every day nor even every week. Most of the … Continue reading

My love-hate relationship with Xanax

During the summer of 2008 I had problems with anxiety, although my primary care doctor (no longer my PCP) thought it was depression and threw some anti-depressants at me. It wasn’t the first time I had been prescribed anti-depressants, but I wasn’t feeling like I did the last time I needed them. I was anxious … Continue reading

Coping without your coping mechanism is difficult

Everyone has a coping mechanism, even if we don’t realize we have them. Sometimes it’s just the need to talk to family and friends. For some it might be something creative, like painting. I once interviewed an artist who suffered from bipolar disorder. Painting was how she coped with her mental health problems. And sometimes … Continue reading

Welcome to the depression project

A week ago I was moved to write about my depression issues on my personal blog. The response was incredible in that it was the most read post ever on my blog, but I also received plenty of support and thank yous not only on my blog but also on social media and via e-mail. … Continue reading

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